Monday, April 27, 2015

Blog Post 5 Part 2

    My PLN was nonexistent before I started this class. I did not even know what a PLN was. Now that this class is almost over, I ma happy to say that my PLN has grown so much! I have numerous people that can help me with my career. All the teacher's blogs that I have commented on have gotten in touch with over twitter or email and given me advice on furthering my career with teaching. One teacher, David Truss contacted me over the blog that I posted summarizing my visit to his. He gave me some advice and guidance on the future. It was very exciting and helpful to hear from him. David Wees also got in touch with me over twitter. Twitter has been a very useful outlet for contacting people and gaining information on the technology topic. I follow numerous teachers and kindergarten themed twitter accounts. I have also been able to meet with some teachers and talk with them about what they use, as far as technology goes, in their classrooms. My PLN is grown so much over the course of this class and I can't wait for it to get even bigger as further my career as a teacher.

The networked teacher has many outlets for furthering education

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