Monday, April 27, 2015

Technology and Teaching: My Philosophy

   Before this class, the thought of technology being integrated into a classroom never crossed my mind. Now it is something that I will definitely be using, if I am able too, in my future classroom. It is the ultimate tool to have because it opens students up to new world of learning. Also, it keeps them engaged because they love playing on their computers or on their iPads. When I went and observed in  a public school for one of my classes, I was talking with one of the teachers that I knew there and she said she gave the students the option of watching a movie or playing on their computers for the rest of the day and they chose their computers. I thought that was pretty amazing and the games they were playing were educational. If you have the tools to keep students so engaged and interested in learning why would you not use them? I love that technology brings so many things to the table to help better the student's learning experience. If you get them hooked on learning at a young age they will turn out to be more educated individuals and be a better part of society.
Image of an iPad sitting on a pile of books with and apple and a ruler

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