Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blog Post #14

    For this blog post we were assigned to read Teaching Can Be a Profession by Joel Klein and list the problems and their solutions that Joel mentioned in his article and whether or not we agree with them.

Problem: Virtually anyone with a degree can become a teacher
Solution: Recruit from the top third of graduates

   I disagree and agree with him on this one. Recruiting from the top third of graduates would put a lot of people out of job. I know that we as teachers need to be held to a higher standard but requiring that teachers will only be hired if they are in the top third of their class is a little harsh. I know that my mother was a wonderful teacher and I bet that she was not in the top third of her class. I do agree however, that teachers need to be held to a higher standard. Makes me think of the saying, "those who can't teach". That is not true at all. However, I do think that schools should be as lenient when it come to who they accept into their education programs

Problem: Seniority (The most recently hired teachers are fired over the ones who have been at the school for a while regardless of performance)
Solution: Professionalize teaching so that excellence would be the guiding hallmark

    I totally and one hundred percent agree with this. This topic is something that has bothered me for years and I do not understand why it is in place. I know that when I start working at a school I am going to be so excited to try out new things with the students and try my best. Sometimes, older teachers are very set in their ways and longer try to be the best that they can be and try new things because they are comfortable and know that they are not going anywhere. I do not like the idea of tenure and I have pondered for a long time why all schools use this policy. As a result, the incompetent teachers are not able to be fired. 

  In conclusion, I love Joel Klein's idea of professionalizing teaching to an extent. I do believe that teachers should have higher standards but recruiting teachers that are in the top third of their class is maybe a little but too strict. Humans are human and we make mistakes. I know I have missed a couple of assignments in my college career and it has brought my grades down slightly. Recruiting from the top third really doesn't leave any room for human error, in my opinion. However, his idea to professionalize teaching is very innovative and I strongly agree with him on that. Cutting out the idea of seniority and hiring teachers that are well equip for the job is a great idea. 
Teaching creates all other professions

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