Sunday, April 12, 2015

C4T #3

First Comment

Hi Dean,
I am a elementary education student at the University of South Alabama in EDM 310 and I will be visiting your blog this week and again in two weeks. I am going to summarize my visits to your blog on my blog, on April 4th! In EDM 310 it teaches us how to use technology in the classroom and why it is so important that we do. I agree with you that change needs to take place. I have learned that when technology is implemented in a classroom the students are able to take that learning into their own hands therefore making it more personal and geared toward their style of learning. I have also learned that a lot of teachers are not ready to make that change. The methods and techniques that teachers used 10 or more years ago are not going to work on the 21st century students. EDM 310 is teaching us that technology is a necessity for learning.

Thank you for sharing,

Jesse Reed

First Summary

In this post Dean talks about the changes that need to take place when it comes to the way that we teach. He says that 21st century technology should be implemented in the classroom as soon as possible.  He challenges teachers to change. His post touched on a couple of things thatthis classes really stresses. For example, the use of technology is necessary for students of today to become adequate learners

Hi again Mr. Dean, 
I really glad that I chose this post to comment on and read because I am so excited and amazed at how much my personal learning network has grow since I started blogging and using technology. My professor requires us to comment on teacher's blogs and I have had different conversations with each of them and they have helped me grow and be more confident in the career path that I am choosing. I have had so many people tell me that teaching is going to be miserable and that I should do something else. I am happy to say that I am so excited to purse my teaching degree and be able to implement everything that I have learned about technology in my classroom!

Thank you for sharing, 
Jesse Reed

Second Summary

In this post, Dean shares his story of how he built up his personal learning network. He started constructing it when he made a Blog account and a special needs teacher that is very influential in the technology world commented on one of his posts. I feel like his story is similar to mine because through these C4T comments I have had every one of teachers i was assigned to comment something back. The comment was always helpful and encouraging and I love to hear from someone older than me and more well-established!

Picture of Dean Shareski thinking and smiling

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