Sunday, May 3, 2015

Project #16 Professional Reflection

1. How does this lesson build on the technological literacy of your students?

Our "Shapes in Art" lesson plan required the use of a smart board. Most of the time the teacher was using the smart board. However, there were certain activities that required the students to come and place shapes into vortexes or draw things on the Smart Board. Thus, the students are using the technologies of the Smart Board. Also, there was a Little Learners Shapes app that the students who finished early could play.

2. In what specific ways does the project engage your students?

This project engages our students the entire lesson. Whether they are being called on the draw a different shape or watching a catchy video, this project is full of student engagement. In the lesson, the students get called on to put certain shapes into vortexes, they get called onto identify different shapes, they get called on to draw different shapes to make on whole object, and they get to create their own work of art using the different shapes that were discussed during class.

3. What additional technologies and/or networked information resources may have further enhanced this lesson?

Some other technologies that we could have utilized a little more are the iPads. We had the students do one activity on them if they finished early. However, I think that the iPads could have been a very useful resource for the students in learning their shapes. There were many apps and games that we could have had the students use a little more.

4. If I/we had the opportunity to present this lesson again to the same audience, would I/we do anything differently? What? Why?

I think the one thing I would have done differently was address the audience more instead of just Dr. Lomax. I talked directly to him a lot because I was nervous about speaking in front of the class. Also, I would have practiced what I wanted to say a little more and written it down.

Image of a castle that was created using different shapes

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