Sunday, February 8, 2015

Project #15 Search Engines (Ask Jeeves)
  • is search engine that is most useful for questions like, "what is gluten". The results are very easy to read and it has less ads than the more popular search engines. Another thing I found to be useful is it has a "question of the day" tab right under the search bar and categories of questions. The only thing I did not like about the site is that it did not have an images tab.

  •, in my opinion, was my favorite search engine out of all eight that I researched on. It was easy to use and the results were based on my search criteria. Moreover, the results seemed to be free of ads and had very good content. The site has a tab on the side of the page that shows results that are related to your topic, the times it was posted, the sources used, and the different sites. Clusty is useful for searching for web pages that other search engines do not display because they are hard to find. The only thing I did not like about it was that, for example, I searched "what is gluten" and it displayed an article that was completely off topic but contained the word what. 
  • Wikipedia is mainly used for historical purposes. It is not a very trustworthy search engine because anyone can change what the original author wrote. There is no filtering or editing system in place for the site. Up until high school, I used this search engine for most of my papers because it seemed to be very accurate and displayed a lot of information. The creator of this site, I think, originally set up the site with the mindset that people would update the current information. However, some people are more immature than others and go in and change correct information to incorrect information.
  • Webopedia, despite its name, is nothing like wikipedia. Webopedia is useful for learning and searching criteria about technology based information. I found it to be very easy to use and extremely resourceful. It has "Terms of the Day" and articles related to techno-based information on the homepage. The search bar was in big letters at the very top of the page prompting you to enter a term. Also, it allows users to browse terms and references.
  • Mahalo is mainly a website for how-to videos. There were how-to videos on anything you could imagine. Moreover, the website's quote is "Mahalo, Learn Anything". There was no search bar on the website but, there were categories at the very top of the site that you could browse through to find what you wanted. The content was relevant to the categories and very high quality. It is powered by a team of editors that sort through the material to make sure it the is the best. 
  • ixquick is almost exactly identical to Google down to the layout of the website. The ads were at the top of the screen and then the webpages were sorted by relevance under the ads just like Google and other major search engines. I, personally, did not like this search engine and did not find to be useful for anything in particular. The slogan for the website is "The World's Most Private Search Engine" but nothing about the site led me to believe that it was private or that any of the content it displayed was private.
The Internet Archive
  • The Internet Archive allows users to search for events that happened in the past. For example, I searched September 11, 2001 and numerous audio and video uploads came up. For my search, there were mostly audio and video hits but on the homepage it has a tool were you can search for old texts, videos, and audios. This website is extremely resourceful and the content it displays is high quality and legit, unlike wikipedia. 
Wolfram Alpha
  • Wolfram Alpha is strictly used for mathematical purposes. I have used this website for as long as I can remember because I am terrible at math. You can enter exact equations using the keyboard, upload a picture or a file, or just simply type in the equation on the search bar and it will produce a correct answer for you. It can also be used for finding information on a certain mathematical subject such as, long division. Another feature to this website is it has practice problems to test your skills on a certain areas of math you are struggling or need extra help with. It is very easy to use and I have always loved this website.
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