Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blog Post #6

1. Project Based Learning Part 1: Experiences of a 3rd Grade Teacher and Project Based Learning Part 2: Experiences of a 3rd Grade Teacher    In these videos, Anthony discussed project based learning and how he implements that into his third grade classroom and how it works out for him. He says that PBL should relate to students and the community and have great content. For example, he had his students do a project using iCurio and it integrated technology, reading, history, peer reviewing, and writing while still relating to the community all in one project. Moreover, he says that we should create opportunities for our students to go above and beyond.

2. iCurio
   Anthony discusses what iCurio is and how to use in this video. iCurio allows students to safely search the web for online content that set set aside for educational purposes. It helps them get organized because they can save what they were researching into folders online.

3. Discovery Education
    Discovery Education is visual learning aid for students. Anthony says from his experience that adding pictures and videos to lessons really helps the students learn and retain more information. Today's students are visual listeners and learners. Thus, by adding the videos and such his students are enjoying the learning process more and retaining the information.

4. The Anthony - Strange Tips for Teachers Part 1
    In this video Anthony and Dr. Strange went over a list of tips for teachers. The biggest thing that I learned from this videos is that work and play are not separate for teachers. The eight hours you are supposed to be teaching extends to when you get home as well because you will be researching lesson plans or reading books to better your teaching methods. Anthony remarks that work should become our play and we should learn to enjoy work just as much.

5. Use Tech Don't Teach It - Anthony
    The biggest aspect that I learned from this video is that as teachers we should, as Anthony puts it, scaffold our technology use. Meaning, that we should not jump right into the harder aspects of technology but ween students into the harder aspects.

6. Conversation with Anthony Capps: Additional Thoughts About Lessons
    I loved how Anthony explained lesson planning it was very smart and organized. He said that lessons are four layers thick: year, unit, week, and daily. Plan out the year of what you want to accomplish, then split that into units, then look at the week, then go to the daily aspect and see if

you can actually get all you want to get done in that day done to meet your ultimate year goal.

Image of "Conversations with Anthony Capps"


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