Sunday, March 29, 2015

C4K for March

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Hi Tom,My name is Jesse and I am student at the University of South Alabama majoring in elementary education. I enjoyed reading your post about Samuel Jackson. You mentioned a lot of things that I did not know about him! I think he is very talented actor and he is one of my favorites. I will leave you a link to my blog if you ever want to check it out! Great post!Thanks,Jesse Reed

First Summary 

In this post, Tom chose to write about Samuel Jackson for Black History Month. He chose Samuel Jackson because of his positive influence in the acting community. I thought that Tom did a great job writing about Samuel Jackson. He wrote about some of his accomplishments. I did notice that Tom had a good bit of grammatical errors. His sentence structure was not correct and he overall just did not have the correct grammar. However, I did think that he tried hard and I thought he gave it a  good effort!

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Hi Ulises,
My name is Jesse Reed and I am student at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading through your blog posts! I took something similar to the Plan test when I was your age. It is very important to strive to do well on these tests so you can get into a good college like South Alabama. I always tried to keep up my grades and do well on my tests. Good luck on any other test you may have!

Jesse Reed

Second Summary

In this post, Ulises wrote about his experience with PLAN testing. While I am not familiar with PLAN testing, the SATs that I took in grade school are similar. I thought Ulises did a good job writing about his experience. However, he did have a few grammatical errors throughout his post. Some of sentences were not capitalized and he used the wrong form of you. Other than that, it was a good post!

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Hi again Sandra,
I commented on one of your posts back in February. As I said before, I am a student at the University of South Alabama studying elementary education. I enjoyed reading your post! I probably would have thought the play was going to be boring too if there were no props or costumes. I agree that it would be difficult to understand who is who when all the costumes are the same! I am glad you enjoyed the play despite all those things.

Third Summary

I have visited Sandra's blog before and I have enjoyed reading both of her posts! For this post, Sandra wrote about her opinion of the play that she watched called, "Maleficent". She said that there were no props and everyone was wearing the same costume which made it hard for her to follow the play and know who was who. I agree with her and told her that I would have the same problems. I thought she did a really great job and her writing skills were good!

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