Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blog Assignment #1

I have heard all sorts of things about this class ranging from it is very easy to it is very hard and very demanding. I have to admit that reading the comments on made me feel very uneasy and scared about taking this class. Moreover, when I met with my advisor she told that this class would constitute a large amount of time and to not take many hours when I do decide to take this course. My fears for this class are not turning something in on time or making a bad grade on something that I did turn in. I really want to strive to make an A in this class but I am very scared that I will not. However, I will do everything in my power to do so. This class, in contract to other classes that I have taken at South and Auburn, seems to really be about individual learning and giving students the freedom to learn on their own time instead of in a classroom setting. As Professor Strange has mentioned many times in the instruction documents, this class allows students to become more like professionals and less like students and sets students up for reality. Furthermore, I think the hardest thing for me to handle in this class will be the time management. I have recently struggled with that and worked very hard last semester to manage my time more wisely. I hope that this class will aid me in this endeavor. Recently, I have purchased a planner and I am using it religiously to keep up with all my school work and manage my priorities. However, the I do have some questions that I am still not completely sure about. The first one being about the pictures that we are supposed to be posting with each blog post. I read the instructions that Dr. Strange provided but I am still unsure of how to actually go about titling and tagging the picture correctly. I tagged the Rate My Professor link and titled it above. Does that count as a picture and did I do that correctly? The second question is: Are we supposed to post a comment on another students post every time we post or is it just at certain times? I would like to address these questions in a class next week. Dr. Lomax could have a certain time specified during class for these questions or the questions that he saw that are redundant. Furthermore, I am really looking forward to a great semester and hope this class can really be fun for me and not as scary as I am expecting it to be.
Image of Technology
Above I have posted a picture of technology and I am wondering if I did the alt and title correctly.

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